ISIL map for Civilization 5


ISIL map 2015 for Civilization 5


ISIL map 2015 for Civilization V (BNW). This is true map of middle east region in 2015. Islamic state (ISIL) conquest large areas of Syria and Iraq. Other countries like Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia are officially at war with ISIL. You will start at 2015 a.d.

Scenario is based on real map of Islamic state 2015:

isil map 2015

Key features:

  • Real boundaries of countries
  • True city names.
  • Real population in cities (for example population in Baghdad is 8,7 mil. in scenario city level is 25=8,2mil.), Damascus 1,7mil., in game level 15 etc.
  • Real placement of strategic and luxury resources, real quantity of resources.
  • World wonders are buildt according reality (Pyramids-Giza, Hanging gardens-Baghdad…). World wonders that are in reality outside area are available to buildt.
  • Every civ beggins with the same research, culture and gold.
  • Railroads and roads are placed according reality
  • Units are simillar reality. For example on beginning every country own Jet figther but nobody can build it yet, like in reality. Only Israel (in game city state Jerusalem) own Nuclear weapons…
  • Real foreign relations. For example Defensive pact between Iran and Syria, Turkey dislike Cyprus and Armenia, Syria dislike Lebanon, Egypt and all another countries dislike Israel… etc.
  • Every county is at permanent war with Islamic state.
  • After 1st turn ISIL will capture 3 Syrian cities (Kobane, Deir-er-Zor, Al-Hasakah) and 3 cities from Iraq (Mosul, Al-Qaim, Ramadi). (Tested for difficulty 4)

Playable civs:

Egypt 7 cities, Turkey 9 cities, Syria 9 cities (after 1st turn 3 of them will be captured by ISIL), Iraq 11 cities (after 1st turn 3 of them will be captured by ISIL), ISIL 1 city (after 1st turn 7 cities) , Iran 10 cities, Saudi Arabia 7 cities

7 City states

Israel (Jerusalem), Jordan (Tyre), Lebanon (Byblos), Cyprus (Cahokia), Kuwait (Panama City), Armenia (Yerevan), Azerbaijan (Antwerp)














Saudi Arabia


Persian gulf

persian gulf


Known bugs for Isil map 2015 scenario:
Years counted +40 for every turn. I recommend to use some time mod.

Starting game:
1. Download map file, unrpack it and save it to MAP folder. Usually C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Maps
2. Start game and select MODS
3. If you want to use some time scenario tick it, otherwise click NEXT
4. Select Custom game, and choose map ISIL_scenario, don´t forget tick Load scenario
5. Choose leader, difficulty and PLAY

Download this Civ5 ISIL map and scenario here

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